Lilburn Garage Door Repair: Garage Door Won’t Work - Things To Check Before Calling An Expert

Garage door repair services are a great asset for the home owner but often times, a call will be sent out for a repair job when the actual cause is a bit less serious. While regular maintenance and service of your garage door will keep it running for thousands of cycles, knowing when to call an expert about a garage door is necessary to save a little cash in the long run.

To understand what to look for before calling an expert, you’ll want to know a little more about how the garage door works as a whole. The garage door is a mechanism that runs on three core components: the garage door itself, a track and roller system, and the garage door springs. If any of these are not functional, then the whole system is considered failed but sometimes, it can be something you overlooked completely. Especially when it comes to any garage door that is in combination with a garage door opener.

Check Your Garage Door Opener Remote’s Batteries

Surprisingly, companies like Lilburn Garage Door Repair in Lilburn, GA get a lot of calls about a home owner not being able to open their garage door using their opener. A lot of the time however, after being asked whether or not they have replaced the batteries in their remote, the owner replies with a shocked gasp before opening the back of the remote and getting the item working without much issue.
While this is a common fix, sometimes that just doesn’t do it and instead, there is an actual problem with a remote. This can often cause issues since trying to find a new remote is either extremely difficult or expensive and may even result in having to replace the whole unit. If for some reason, the remote has become readily unavailable, it may be a good time to call a garage door repair service for an evaluation. Experts are equipped with different troubleshooting tools and more importantly working knowledge of each component of the garage door opener.

Often times, it isn’t related to the remote in the end and instead has to do with the cabling or receiver malfunctioning. Calling an expert after making sure your batteries are not the cause will save you a lot of trial, effort, and money of finding a remote that may not even solve the problem in the end.

Check For Debris In Your Garage Door’s Tracks

When your garage door doesn’t open or close as smoothly as you would want it to, this is a great time to learn about maintaining the garage itself. Just like any other door in the house, the garage door needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep performing correctly.

When looking at the back of the garage door, look within the tracks for any debris such as spider webs or other insect nests as these can build up and cause obstructions that you clearly don’t want in the end. By cleaning these out with a broom or other tools like a Swiffer, you can restore the door to working condition rather easily.

However, if while looking at the door, you notice anything out of place (such as a roller missing from the track or the track itself having skewed and warped metal), then it’s time to call an expert. Both of these are a sure sign of a garage door being misaligned or on the way to being misaligned. An unbalanced or misaligned door is considered “failed” and requires immediate attention at the risk of it collapsing completely.

Check The Garage Door Springs

The garage door springs are the lifeline of the garage door. Whether you have an automatic opener or a hand operated one, the garage springs are vital to its operation.

The garage door springs provide what is called “spring force” equal to the weight of the door itself. Basically, it keeps the door up and provides support for opening and closing it that would not be possible without them. When these fail, a number of different problems can arise and become almost immediately apparent.

The first issue to look out for is your door sliding up or down without you moving it yourself or hitting the button to. This is due to the spring not providing support correctly and makes the door slide on its own which is the complete opposite of what you want in a door. Beyond this, if the spring is failed, the garage door will often come to a thud when sliding it down at a quick speed. Again, this means there is no control on the door as it moves from one state to another and this is a major indicator that it is time to call an expert.

Another way to check for this is to look up at the springs from inside the garage and see if they are split in half or noticeably separated from the garage door cabling. If either of these are a factor, then this is another indicator that it’s time to grab the phone.

Replacing a garage door spring is one of the most technically involved aspects of garage door repair and one mess up can cause an even worse and more expensive problem for your home. Calling an expert for this occurrence is highly recommended and without hesitation.

So I May Need An Expert, Now What?

Get the phone and call as soon as possible. While it’s easy to wait on repairing your garage door thinking “It works now, why bother?” think about how often you use your garage. If you store your car there before heading to work every morning, one phone call today can prevent missing work for a week because you waited.

As with any type of servicing, being proactive today can prevent any added costs and headaches in the future. Not only that but hiring a great garage door service means you’ll be able to ask questions, learn more, and help you maintain your garage for a long time to come.