Is Your Garage Door Opener Not Working? Here's What to Do!

If your garage door opener is on the blink, there are a good number of reasons for your troubles. Some are simple, and others are complicated. Here are some possibilities and solutions.

Simple Problems

Does your garage door not open with the remote? There are few causes for this happening, which are easy to fix yourself.

1.     You should charge or replace the batteries.
2.     You may be too far out of range.
3.     The garage door motor’s antenna is damaged or blocked from the signal.
4.     The remote needs to be reprogrammed.

Does your garage door opener run, but the garage door still doesn’t budge? In case of a power failure, your garage door opener has a disconnect switch, which permits you to manually shut or open the garage door. Typically, this switch is attached to a rope or knob, and it can come unhooked by accident. Shut or open your garage door all the way, and then reattach the hook firmly. Next, with the transmitter, try opening or closing the door again, and now it should work.

Is the garage door opener running for a few seconds, but then turning off? If the garage door still won’t move when the garage door is shut, you’ll likely see that the door motor is attempting in vain to lift up the door. First off, check the springs. If they’re not broken, see if the track is blocked by a tiny obstacle or grime. If neither of these is the culprit, then look to see if your garage door is the kind with a built-in lock, because it might be engaging by mistake. This commonly occurs with older garage doors.

Inspect the power source. Maybe the transmitter batteries just need replacing. Or, the electrical outlet could be faulty.

Is the garage door stuck open, and won’t close at all? The photo eye sensors are probably out of alignment. Your garage door has a photo eye on each side, and between them is an invisible beam, which, when it’s broken, prevents the door from shutting. Find out if they’re grimy or misaligned. On most brands and styles of sensors, if the light’s blinking, something’s definitely wrong. Or, if you have a sensor with red and green lights, the red one is usually the indicator that it’s failing.

Another possibility is the sensors’ wiring. Check the connections to see if the wires aren’t corroded or loose. There might be a short in the wiring, which can sometimes be caused by a staple that was used during installation; vibrations over time can ultimately result in a disconnect. Or, a disconnection will also result from the wires becoming stretched.

Does your garage door go all the way down, but open up again? The open-and-close limit settings of the garage door opener are probably on the fritz. The settings tell the garage door opener how far the door should move before it’s completely closed. If it’s set too high, the door will land on the ground before the opener thinks it ought to, because it’s assuming the door is hitting an object in its path; then it will automatically reverse to stop from crushing it. Read the manual to find out how to reset the open-and-close limits.

Does the garage door open and shut at random? If your garage door is opening or closing by itself, check the transmitter. It might be stuck under an object that pressed on the control mechanism inadvertently. For example, the transmitter may be stuck beneath an item you forgot you left in your vehicle or somewhere else nearby. You can also test the transmitter’s frequency; it’s possible your neighbor has the same exact frequency as yours.

Complicated Problems

Your garage door track could be out of alignment. If the track isn’t aligned, it certainly won’t move. Look for bends in the rails, or gaps between the rail and rollers. The substantial weight of your garage door will eventually compound these problems, so don’t procrastinate. This is serious. Before your garage door becomes hazardous, hire a professional garage door technician.

Does the garage door close part way, but then open again? A garage door has a reversing mechanism to prevent it from smashing an object in its path. The reversing instruction is activated by any item that’s on the floor in the garage door’s path, such as a trash can, bicycle, toy, or box. Another probability is that there’s a buildup of debris on the garage door’s tracks ~ dirt or a minute object ~ which will stop the rollers from moving. This scenario requires the attention of a garage door expert.

Does the garage door slam with a loud bang? In all likelihood, your spring is broken, which exists to counter the garage door’s weight. Or, the cables have broken. Either way, this is dangerous. Call a professional.

If the garage door still won’t open, a spring, or both springs, are broken and need repair or replacement. It’s time to hire a garage door repair specialist.

Unless you’re an engineer, DO NOT adjust the garage door by yourself! If you don’t have your garage door professionally serviced, the springs can cause injury, and even death. Don’t risk it! The garage door cables, drums, and bottom brackets also may require adjustment. Consult a reliable local professional garage door repair company.

Take Preventative Measures

Garage door maintenance is worth the minimal time and effort necessary. Keep your garage door in tiptop shape, and it will last a good long while.

Once each month, examine the components of your garage door system thoroughly. Replace worn parts. Tighten loose bolts. If you hear any odd noises when the garage door closes and opens, call a garage door professional.

Each year, before winter comes, lubricate the garage door springs, rollers, and hinges. With no lubrication, ultimately the springs will rust and the coils will bind, costing a lot. Prevent this from happening by using a reputable brand, so it won’t dry out. A light coating is all you need.

Schedule an annual inspection with a dependable local garage door repair company. Wires, pulleys, cables, and springs all require attention from a professional.

If you live in Lilburn, Georgia, find a legitimate garage door repair technician you can count on, such as a mobile garage door repair specialist on staff at Lilburn Garage Door Repair.